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Hackamores, mecates and other rawhide gear proudly made in California

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation. As Europe's exclusive provider of authentic California gear, we bring you a legacy of equestrian excellence. Our family, with six generations of expertise in riding California hackamore and bridle horses, infuses every product with unparalleled knowledge and passion. Discover the difference that centuries of experience can make in your riding experience. Click here to explore our unique collection and join a tradition of equestrian mastery!
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Professional Guiding

From the basics of shaping and fitting the hackamore, all the way to teaching moves like roll back, half pass and canter pirouettes. Learn California horsemanship from 6th generation Californian Vaquero, Jeff Sanders.
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Quality Gear

Hackamores, bosals, saddles, reins and more...! Invest in handmade California style gear created with both horse and rider in mind, based on centuries-old traditions. Emphasizing the highest quality, functionality, and durability, it's ready for a lifelong adventure!
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Horsemanship Courses 

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Why us

Learn more about the Californian Vaquero tradition, horses and gear

Jeff Sanders was born in Merced California and raised on the Central Coast, right in the heart of Vaquero country. Jeff is a 6th generation Californian. He is one of very few teaching the California Vaquero style of horsemanship who was raised in the traditions and is truly a Californio himself.
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Years of Vaquero Traditions
Vaquero Horsemanship Clinics, horse shows, ranch training, working with cows, online classes and 1:1 mentoring - the results of over 265 years of California horsemanship traditions within both sides of the family.
Real-life experiences
Working with between 300-400 different horses and people at clinics around the world every year provides a great opportunity to see what really works and does not work with a huge variety of horses over a long period of time. 

The Best California Vaquero Gear


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Clinics with Jeff Sanders are always educational and varied. You get so much Input, beginning from history of California Horsemanship, how different bridles work, how they should be used, or when they are should be used, you get infos about biomechanics of a horse, saddlefitting and so on - and all not just in theory, oh no, you will practice it! So i just can reccomend to visit a Clinic with this Horseman - just priceless.

Ann, Germany 

I have been taking lessons with Jeff Sanders for over ten years. If you want to learn about California Horsemanship and its application today for your horse, on cows and with roping he is one of the best in my opinion. Each time I think I have probably ridden all the exercises he could possibly have or heard all the theory, Jeff hands me new exercises and more theory to process. However, he makes it a point to always keep an eye on the horses welfare in order keep it happy and healthy. I thoroughly enjoy having him as a teacher and am looking forward to many more clinics with him.

Phil, Michigan, USA

Since I met Jeff, he has taught me the "Why." Prior to meeting Jeff, we did a lot of training with our horses and didn't necessarily know the "why." Jeff is the master of why. He is one of the best and most thorough teachers I have met. Thank you, Jeff Sanders, for what you do.

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Master an art of making California Vaquero Bridle Horse

Learn about Vaquero heritage: history, traditions, gear, and uniqness of this style. Jeff's books represent decades of experience, family knowledge, personal studies, and literally thousands of horses.
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