My first hackamore

What do I need to know about buying my first hackamore?

First and for most you want to make sure you get something that is a decent quality. You also want to make sure that it the correct size and shaped properly. We recommend a 5/8 hackamore for any horse or rider that is new to using this tool. The 5/8 will give you better communication in the long run than choosing one of the other sizes. If you look on this website you will find the hackamore book which is entirely dedicated to answering all of your hackamore questions.

 „When someone tells you what you can not do in hackamore, they are actually telling you what they can not do in a hackamore“ Jeff Sanders

Why do we recommend wide mohair and horse hair cinches?

The wider hair cinch distributes the pressure over wider surface area and is more comfortable for most horses than the common modern western cinches. You do have to be careful that the cinch does not interfere with the shoulder movement, but that is why mohair and horse hair work so well. If the shoulder comes in contact with the cinch, the hair cinches will give to the pressure and not create a problem the way other cinches would. The wider cinches are also very important if you are riding with a centerfire, 5/8 or even a ¾ rigging position. Lately the wider cinches are less likely to slip because of the amount of contact with the horse.