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Welcome to Our Exclusive Horsemanship Clinics: Master the Art of Riding with Jeff Sanders

Join us for an amazing ride at Jeff's horsemanship clinics.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, our clinics are designed to enhance your skills, deepen your understanding, and foster a profound connection with your horse.

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What Awaits You at Our Clinics:

In-Depth Lectures & Interactive Discussions

Start your day with insightful lectures on the California bridle horse, the hackamore, and the art of establishing a connection with your horse.

Join our lunchtime discussions for an opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of horse riding.

Practical Sessions

Engage in ground work, hackamore fitting, and detailed rein handling. Witness Jeff's expert demonstrations on shoulder in, travers, and biomechanics of turns.

Afternoon Riding

Working with between 300-400 different horses and people at clinics around the world every year provides a great opportunity to see what really works and does not work with a huge variety of horses over a long period of time.

Personalized Lessons

Benefit from individual lessons tailored to your skill level, covering topics like spurs usage, rebalancing techniques, side movements, and the first steps towards piaffe and Spanish walk.

Why Choose Our Clinics?

Jeffʼs family has a long history of running cattle and riding stock horses in California, starting over 160 years ago. Jeff’s great, great, great grandfather started working as a vaquero in Petaluma California when he was a teenager in 1854, over a decade before the first big Texas cattle drives. This tradition followed down through Jeffʼs family and he can trace his horsemanship all the way back 160 years on one side of his family and over 100 years on the other side.

Having been raised in the California horsemanship traditions since childhood, Jeff’s parents passed the knowledge down to Jeff the same way it had been done for a couple of hundred years. Staying true to the Vaquero tradition of passing knowledge from generation to generation Jeff learned his horsemanship directly from the source. While books are good, nothing can replace learning both the oral traditions and the practical application directly from those who had it passed down to them from the old time California Vaqueros.

Jeff and his parents took the skills of the old time Vaqueros and applied them, not only on the ranch but also in the competition arena. Jeff credits his as well as his parentsʼ success in competitions to the fundamental principles of old style California horsemanship.

He has also been fortunate to have had the opportunity to apply the skills and philosophies of the old California Vaqueros while day working on ranches in California, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada.

Jeff still day works when he is home but is steadfast in his dedication to spreading the traditions of the California Bridle Horse throughout the world. Traveling throughout the US, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe and even Israel teaching this style of horsemanship, Jeffʼs hope is that this proud tradition that respects the rider and honours the horse will not just survive but will once again flourish.
You can contact Jeff at: [email protected].

Please allow some time for Jeff to reply as he is often travelling with limited internet coverage.

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