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Our monthly members page contains over 100 videos covering subjects such as colt starting, how to ride different side movements, roping, ground work, garrocha and much more.

You will also have access to over two years of our old monthly newsletters that is not available anywhere else.

Members will also receive discounts on upcoming video projects and more.
Price: 623,00  / month
Price: Original price was: 7 471,00 Kč.Current price is: 6 201,00 Kč. / year
Gain unlimited access to a growing library of over 100 high-quality, expert-led instructional videos. This extensive collection covers a wide range of topics and skills, ensuring you have a comprehensive resource at your fingertips for continuous learning and improvement.
Dive into more than 200 hours of detailed, engaging content. This vast amount of material allows you to deeply explore and understand various techniques and strategies, providing an immersive learning experience that's both effective and enjoyable.
With new content added regularly, you have the opportunity to learn something new every day. This constant stream of fresh material keeps your learning journey dynamic and exciting, ensuring you stay motivated and engaged as you progress.
The monthly membership program has been created by Jeff Sanders. It allows to discover the world of the California Bridle Horse, and how you can improve your horsemanship with many online lessons. This online program is suitable for those wishing to improve their riding and horsemanship, based on the principals of the Californian Vaquero tradition.

All videos can be accessed any time, and from anywhere in the world. These videos can be viewed on your computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone. Accepted payments include both credit and debit cards. You can cancel this course any time.

Your monthly payment will be cancelled from the next monthly billing cycle. For customer support please email [email protected].

Welcome to the world of the California Vaquero.

Vaya con Dios, Jeff Sanders
Price: 623,00  / month
Embark on this extraordinary adventure with Jeff, and be part of a movement that honours the past while embracing the future.

Visit our California Vaquero Store and immerse yourself in the world of the California Bridle Horse – a world where respect for the horse and the art of riding are the heart and soul of our passion.
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What does the Vaquero Horsemanship membership include?

The Vaquero Horsemanship membership offers exclusive access to a comprehensive collection of instructional videos, articles, and resources designed to deepen your understanding and skills in Vaquero horsemanship. Members receive personalized guidance, community support, and the opportunity to learn directly from Jeff Sanders, a seasoned expert in the field.

How can I benefit from joining the Vaquero Horsemanship membership program?

Joining the Vaquero Horsemanship membership program provides you with the unique opportunity to enhance your horsemanship skills through a structured and authentic Vaquero training approach. You’ll gain insights into traditional techniques, improve your horse’s responsiveness, and foster a deeper connection with your horse, all while being part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Is the Vaquero Horsemanship membership suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Vaquero Horsemanship membership is designed to cater to enthusiasts and learners at all levels, including beginners. The program starts with foundational skills and progressively builds up to more advanced techniques, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that respects the pace and progression of both horse and rider.

How do I sign up for the Vaquero Horsemanship membership, and what are the costs involved?

To sign up for the Vaquero Horsemanship membership, simply navigate to the top of this page and use “Sign up” button. Follow the steps on the screen to join.  A membership costs $30 per month.